At Long Last – Daesha & Barrett

by | Dec 30, 2015

Daesha & Barrett

“Open your hearts, love is on the way” Jude 1:2

Love was indeed on the way. We’ve never seen a woman smile so brightly to light up the entire room like Borrowed Charm Bride Daesha when she talks of her love. A favorite photographer of ours, we’ve grown to know and love Daesha, her work and her darling daughter. Private by nature, we were so pleased when we learned she’d become smitten with a special someone in her life. Although their father’s were life long friends & traveled together Daesha & Barrett never met. Friends, unknowing their history would attempt to set them up but busy as single parents are, they’d say “nah” and contentedly continue to focus on raising their daughters.  Fate however, had a different idea and intervened in the way of friend suggestions on social media. How quickly their romance began after they opened their hearts and soon they were inseparable. Their relationship, unexpected, non-traditional, a little backwards, was exactly how they live life. It wasn’t long before they decided to make their small families of two into one lovely family of four.

They were married in a small intimate gathering on a family farm on a gorgeous Monday evening. The “Girl in White” as her daughter calls a bride, and was stunning & elegant in her dress from Impression Bridal, her hair and makeup flawless and elegant to match her ceremony was done by Brittani Mosley Beauty Specialist. Daesha carried an array of beautiful roses and succulents from Yukon Flowers with miniature matching bouquets for her flower girls.  It was the perfect, intimate and sweetest ceremony for this family to become one. We loved being a part of their perfectly imperfect non-traditional wedding.

Photographer Brianna Record Photography captured the beauty of their special day!

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The most perfectly Epic Flower Girls & their Flower Girl dance.



Have you ever seen anything so dreamy?


12072769_10153079558851759_9023061545122379381_nWishing you a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness. It looks as though you are well on your way!