Opportunity to Learn – My Internship Experience with Borrowed Charm

by | Aug 20, 2019

I have always been drawn to weddings. For whatever reason, I would rather use what little free time I have to organize my Pinterest wedding board than to do pretty much anything else. My Instagram feed is flooded with gowns, florals, and linens and lounges, instead of the usual 19-year-old feed of social events, tailgates, and outfits (although there is some of that). I know, weird, right? My heart is for people, genuine connection, community, and meeting people where they are at. I’ve always found joy in creating beauty out
of the ordinary and I relish love stories. All of this pointed me to the wedding industry and one company in particular. My go-getter attitude, Instagram, and a pretty boss email somehow landed me my dream internship at Borrowed Charm this last Spring.

The best description I can think of working in the wedding industry for the first time would be trying to drink out of a firehose. LITERALLY. There is SO much information, tips, insider knowledge, people, vendors, terms, industries, do’s, don’ts, platforms, labor, and work that goes into weddings that people just don’t see from the outside. What many (myself included) think, is that being a wedding planner is a glamorous and cushy career (which it can be glamorous), but really it’s a career that requires a huge heart, patience, brain power, organization and muscles (have you seen how many couches we own??!). If not, you should.

         Photo by Ashley Sunderland Photography                                 Photo by Katie Hadley Photography

My first week at BC I was quickly introduced to all of the BC Babes at the office and then jumped right in with the team. The BC office is so fast paced, the first few days I was a little overwhelmed with getting the hang of all the newness and everything that goes on every day, because trust me, no day is the same. Ever.

I remember my first “aha” moment was (I think) my second week at BC I was asked to create a mini styled station with our inventory to shoot at the office. As I was moving furniture, adding and taking away candlesticks and votives, draping linens, and arranging florals I about pinched myself…how was this “work”? I felt so lucky to be doing something I was so passionate about that it didn’t even feel like work. This wasn’t by any means the most professional or stunningly-styled space, but for me it was a tiny victory that these ladies had the confidence in me and their reassurance that I belong in this space.

As an intern, I not only got to be up close and personal to all the exciting action, I actually got to be a part of the action. In my first month at Borrowed Charm, I got to work behind the scenes in putting together the most fun Mid Century Modern styled shoot with an incredible vendor team including Rosie Cheeks Photography, Gorgeous Blooms Floral Design, Borrowed Charm, Chantilly Couture and Rose Briar Event Venue. It was so incredible to see how all different vendors come together with such different talents, to create something unexpected and beautiful from a simple mood board and unusual color palette.

Working on this shoot was so inspiring and so much fun. I was excited that part of my internship project was helping put together a shoot of my own, “From Brunch to the Beach”, which you can read about here!

During my time at Borrowed Charm I lifted way more furniture than I had in my whole life, enjoyed beautiful flower arrangements on more than one occasion, participated in SO MANY appointments each week, assisted at possibly the loudest and most fun wedding EVER, ate pizza at the office at least once a week, met the most stunning and diverse brides and watched their day unfold from the beginning of the wedding planning process. I got to be a part of every celebration because Borrowed Charm celebrates EVERYTHING, attended multiple open houses at gorgeous venues, and I stayed way over my weekly scheduled hours every chance I got because I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the office. I genuinely enjoyed being around such an amazing team of people.

I have grown so much in my time here not only as someone in the wedding industry, but as a person, an employee, a friend, and a professional. In my experience I grew in confidence, gained skills, knowledge, friends, and experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Not only have I been poured into and mentored by everyone here, especially by our boss lady, I know I am valued and welcomed with open arms. I have fallen even deeper in love with weddings since being a part of Borrowed Charm. Borrowed Charm is a place where the people are selfless, passionate, the hardest workers, sassy, genuine, organized dreamers and achievers. The culture is cultivated to encourage the staff to hustle hard, but love your family. To be good people & good stewards, not just to our clients and potential clients, but to vendors, venues and competitors as well. To lift up the people around you, creating an amazing experience, and to make our client’s big day the most beautiful and special occasion.

I’m so proud to be a part of the Borrowed Charm team…and for all you lucky interns that get to have these experiences after me, hold it tight, girlfriend.

Are you a college student looking to learn more about wedding planning, specialty rentals, entrepreneurship, marketing or business in general? Borrowed Charm is the place to be. We’re now taking applications for two fall semester interns! If you are interested in more information, please shoot us an email at hello@borrowedcharm.com to start your application.