5 Reasons to have a Winter Wedding

by | Dec 4, 2019

Baby it’s cold outside…If battling the heat and dealing with bugs aren’t your thing, guess what – Winter weddings are where it’s at! Especially during the season of love and giving, what better time to snuggle up with your loved one than during the chill of winter and spend time with your family and friends all together during the holidays?

Check out 5 reasons to have the most perfect winter wedding.

1.  Cute Coffee & Hot Cocoa Bars

Spice up your big day with the cutest station that your guests of all ages are going to absolutely melt over! Offering up your favorite brew, or an over-the-top hot cocoa bar is a great way to keep your guests warm and happy… and it’ll be jus the ticket to make your wedding stand out amongst the rest! A warm drink station is an adorable and (let’s be real) necessary addition to your day when the temperatures plummet and your guests need a little liquid encouragement to step out into the cold. Not only is this usually a very simple way to amp up your day, but it’s an afforable way to make a statement and your guests will love the unique experience of concocting their own drink. Gather some inspiration from our inventory and drink up!

Photo by Sami Strong Co

2.  Dates tend to be more available, for EVERYONE

While fall and spring wedding dates are known to be the most coveted time to say I Do, chances are your friends’ mail boxes will be FULL of invites for soiree’s close or even on your date. When winter arrives, many outdoor activities slow down or move indoors, and so can yours! Take advantage of the season of “togetherness & snuggles”, and give your favorite people a reason to get together and Gather for something other than the holidays. Winter is the perfect opportunity to have a unique date that most everyone will be available for. What better way to spend the chilly holiday season, than with all of the people that love you most? Your loved ones will love having something to look forward to all season and will a nice break between the holiday celebrations!

Another perk is that your favorite venues and wedding professionals tend to also be a little more available in the winter season. Save yourself the stress of having to secure the perfect location, photographer and pieces, to winter, when you will have the flexibility of hiring your favorite vendors, dream wedding venue and as an added bonus – possibly save yourself some money with off-season discounts! It is so rare in this industry to have all of your favorite venues and vendors at your disposal and during the slower, winter months, you may be able to more easily to snag your all-time favs! Plan ahead and grab them before they are gone.

Photo by Lexi Hoebing                    Photo by Kriea Arie Photography
                  Photo by Emily Nicole Co. Photo

3.  Snow Pictures are AHHH-Mazing!!

What better way to have the best day of your life be a WHITE WEDDING? Eeep! Let’s get real – nothing beats snow pictures and OH how romantic! Your guests are sure to be in awe of a wedding wonderland wedding, just as you will be. There is just something about those, pure, white flurries that takes an event to the next level, creating a magical experience! We are all about the photo ops… and the white snow creates the perfect scope! The snow brings out the best in creamy neutrals or makes fun colors pop even more. Plus, can you imagine a better bridal statement than your white gown reflected off of a snowy white wonderland? Talk about GOALS. This is also the perfect excuse to throw on some fur, bling, or any other statement coat or wrap.

Photos by Rosie Cheeks Photography

Not only will your personal pictures in the flurries be stunning, but your décor and set up will seriously stand out. Specialty furniture is such an easy and impactful way to dress up a space and make it your own. This January wedding was one to remember, with shades of deep blue, striking copper and touches of greenery. Is it just us, or does greenery look even more magical dusted in snow?

This snow-covered scene is one out of our daydreams.

Photos by Rosie Cheeks Photography

4.  Prime Lighting

“…Like you hit them angles, with your phone out snappin’ like you Fabo.” Drake gets it.

Oh, winter… where the sun breaks early, and the darkness seems to come even earlier. Save your evening hours for dancing, food and fun and snap your pictures early in the day where the lighting is airy and romantic leaving you time to catch the beautiful sunset just after your ceremony! I mean talk about SWOON. Winter light paints the most picture-perfect scenery, and your wedding photos certain to stand out amongst the rest. If you choose not to brave the cold temperatures outside, take your photos inside where it is a little warmer. The bright winter light casting through the windows is the most romantic and intimate scene. It’s the ultimate photo op and we cannot get enough of it. If you’re lucky enough to catch a white wonderland on your wedding day, your décor is sure to standout, as will YOU!

                    Photo by Camryn Wild                             Photo by Emily Nicole Co. Photo                        Photo by HazelandHaze Photography

Photo by Epic Photography & Productions

5.  A Wedding to Remember

How many winter weddings have you attended? The most common response is, “Not many”. In fact the top six wedding dates actually fall between August and October according to The Knot. Choosing an atypical wedding date will create an opportunity for you to bring your unique ideas to life, and will create an occasion to remember for all your guests. The crisp air and cozy atmosphere of the biggest day of your life are sure to be unforgettable. Trade a sweaty walk down the aisle for the opportunity to snuggle up with your person during an intimate first dance. Break up the corporate busyness of the winter season with a weekend full of celebration, dancing, and enchanting love. Your wedding day will be the most anticipated event of the season, and it will be sure to leave your guests in awe.

Photos by Rosie Cheeks Photography                         Photos by Rosie Cheeks Photography                         Photo by Epic Photography & Productions

Take it from us and have yourself the winter wonderland wedding of your dreams!

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