May Force Be with You – Just in time for May 4th, Star Wars Day!

by | May 5, 2020

Jennifer & Dan

A Real Borrowed Charm Wedding


“I love you.” “I know.” — Princess Leia & Han Solo

I love a challenge. I love opportunities that push me out of my comfort zone. I love being forced to think out of a box and my first meeting with our Bride Jennifer provided all of the above. It was sitting across from her listening to Dan and her story, how they met playing video games with friends, and how he proposed when it all came full circle, as Jennifer uttered: “I don’t want my wedding to be ugly”. While no one sets out for an un-aesthetically pleasing event, Jennifer’s concerns were valid and rooted in the theme they had selected. How to implement a design for her Star Wars inspired
vintage wedding that was not cheesy, overbearing, and that truly represented them at the incredibly beautiful venue Baumberhof. Game On.

Jennifer, also a lover of vintage had been collecting finds for a while to use. Wanting to keep their guest count intimate, and offer their guests a truly over the top experience, we started creating ways to incorporate her finds, as well as round out her design with some of our curated rental collection. That’s when the real work started, and by real work, I mean watching Star Wars movies, all of them, and for me, watching them for the first time. (Yes, you read that correctly, for the first time). Knowing there were more recent releases, I started with the original trilogy because that’s where the love between Hans Solo & Princess Leia started, and the design process began.

The best part of watching all the shows at once was seeing the transformation from futuristic and hard lines, cross over into more relaxed, almost boho sets, then figuring out how to accomplish all of that in a cohesive design. While Jennifer & Dan’s entire wedding design is incredible, rather than turning this blog into a novel, we’ve narrowed it down a few statement areas to share with you!

Opting for a Sweetheart Table just off the dance floor in the middle of the room, it had to be a statement piece and the Millennium Falcon, provided just the inspiration to do so. Using our 747 table, and our copper tolix side chairs, we were able to incorporate Jennifer’s desires to include copper and give nod to German heritage. Playing homage to both the dark side & light side, a creative herself, Dan & Jennifer were able to craft their own keepsakes using their 3D printer, to add a real Star Wars touch at their sweetheart seating.

How am I to know the good side from the bad? – Luke Skywalker

Bringing Tony Foss Flowers onboard, allow us to take their sweetheart table NEXT LEVEL, and we’re still obsessed with it. Tony tied in metallic painted florals and alien-ish flowers (King Protea) but also softened the overall look with different varieties of roses. The final touches were our super modern copper candlesticks to contrast our vintage goblet collection and Jennifer’s vintage plates find! It was the perfect place for Harris Custom Catering to serve up a delicious meal!



One of our favorite ways to make a statement, that your guests will swoon over & actually enjoy is to implement a custom lounge from our upholstered furniture and seating collection. Jennifer’s lounge did just that. Using their 3D printer, Jennifer & Dan created the coolest backdrop photos to hang behind our lounge, that now they can hang in their hours! It was also the perfect way to display Dan’s Star Wars creations that were eye-catching for all their guests, and added a personalized touch that could not be replicated anywhere else. Jennifer and Dan’s gathering space consisted of some of our Borrowed Charm Favorites – the Senator Sofa, Gunner Side Chairs, Amsted Hairpin Coffee Table, our Tan Moroccan Poufs, and last but not least, we brought in some touches of their color palette through our pillow collection.

We are so glad, Robby & Savannah Doland, incredible photographers, were there to stunningly captured this fun, and romantic day, with all the amazing details, both personal and design!

One of the best pieces Dan & Jennifer designed was crafted with changing lights, to adorn the space between their lounge and the bar and was a guest favorite all night!

To top it all off, the sweetest spot in the house quickly turned into the booziest seat in the house, thanks to our dearest friend and next-door neighbor, alcohol. The bar is one of the most visited areas during a wedding reception, especially in a unique environment like this one. So, why is it oftentimes one of the most aesthetically neglected areas? Not in this case, Jennifer and Dan opted for a beautiful barback display, with hand-lettered touches by Kiah Bailey. From their count-down of days together to help their guests pick their drink of choice, all the way to a specialty sign they can use at home, courtesy of Dan. We created the perfect place for Blue Label Bartending to serve specialty drinks, using our well-loved Hinton Bar Back, Vintage Goblet Collection, and Copper Accents.


The Rise of the Wades: and the reason why we’re all here, after all – the ceremony. “The Ivy,” a ceremony spot at The Baumberhof is one of the most spectacular locations of the whole property, and was the perfect location for Jennifer and Dan to say “I Do”.

Allowing Mother Nature to speak for herself, with the luscious ivy turning fall colors, we opted for minimal décor to enhance the barn’s natural beauty. Rather than cover up such a gorgeous view, we chose to decorate from the ground up, and use the most amazing rug that Jennifer found. Tony Foss’ boho floral installation was the perfect accent to an already gorgeous ceremony location. Jennifer and Dan’s wedding went off without a hitch thanks to coordination by Leesh at Southern Charm.

From Storm Troopers and Darth Vader showing up to surprise Dan, incredible personal details (that leather jacket ya’ll), and lightsabers on the dance floor, through their exit, the day proved to be everything Jennifer & Dan dreamed of.

In the words of Darth Vader, “The Force is Strong with this One.”

In closing, if someone ever invites you to dance on the Dark Side, I highly recommend it.

There are so many incredible details from Jennifer & Dan’s big day, we can’t help but share more of Savannah & Robby Dolands incredible photography below!

At Borrowed Charm we believe the phrase one size fits all should never apply when it comes to Weddings & Special Events. Through our passion for planning & design, we have created a completely unique and intentional approach of servicing our clients that allows us to deliver a personalized, stress-free & enjoyable wedding experience. We maintain a curated collection of unique furniture and décor to create emotional spaces for you and your guests to make life long memories Borrowed Charm is a team of exceptional women & mean. Professional celebrators at heart, we believe in transparency, our core values as a business and integrity, as well as having one helluva of a good time.

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