BLOOM – A Borrowed Charm Editorial

by | Aug 21, 2020

“Some Years are for Growing; but this one, this one is for Blooming.”

Owning a small business is hard, running a small business is even harder, and finding ways to bloom amidst a pandemic EVEN harder. You feel pulled in 108645780826517 different directions, all the while an ever-growing stack of to-do’s loom over your head daily, and your response/return/reaction time becomes slower and slower despite the number of hours you’re putting in. It’s been difficult to live this quote in 2020.

When you’re in a dark or scary place, there is a tendency to think you’ve been buried, but perhaps you’ve actually been planted. Meant to Bloom. This has definitely been a hard year for our clients, our “friendors”, our industry, so many of our family and friends, and all of us at Borrowed Charm. Esp. when it started on SUCH a high note, which you can read about here. However, this year has also forced us to slow down, it forced a shift in priorities, and it’s also been a year for evaluating where we’re at and how we can bloom while planted.

With so many weddings & events being shifted into fall, we’ve had a lot of down time. While things were slow, we’ve spent our time working on a lot of projects we’ve never had time for, and “behind the scenes” organization. In doing so we stumbled upon this editorial shoot that reminded us of the warm, bright, and colorful days coming and we couldn’t help but share it. It just feels like the perfect time. With COVID slowly moving behind us, we’re focusing on the all the good things, celebrating our couples, our relationships and reliving the work we find inspiring.