The Borrowed Charm Experience (Intern Edition)

by | Mar 23, 2022

(Intern Edition)

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey

Photo via: iPhone at the Springs Event Venue of Edmond

Let’s put it this way, weddings excite me! I’m the type of person who, at the age of 10, had her entire wedding planned. It was a beautiful light pink and zebra affair where I married my fifth-grade crush. Not to worry, as I grew up, so did my taste… in color schemes, themes, and boys (kind of). Seeing random weddings pop up on Instagram, I started diving deeper (hello, stalker!) into the details of each individual wedding regardless of if it was a stranger’s personal post, a business post, or a blogs post; thus, my love affair with Borrowed Charm began.

College is already hard, but for me, considering majors made it even harder! The struggle is REAL and finding something that fit my personality was exactly that, a struggle. I love the business world. I get excited calculating budgets, figuring out the company’s target audience, and brainstorming new projects, but I also love being creative. I am constantly trying to do some new artsy DIY or plan an extravagant birthday party for my friends. I am a people person. Something about making people smile and enjoy their surroundings fills my bucket. So, when it came to picking a major, I was all over the place. Until I started thinking about my love for organization, creativity, weddings and making people happy. I thought “hmm… maybe wedding planning is something I should look into”. That’s when I emailed Borrowed Charm, and the love story began.

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My first week at Borrowed Charm, we dove right in, and every day is vastly different. Having the incredible opportunity to shadow Logan Ferguson, it was everything I imagined as I sat in client meetings and vendor meetings. During those two meetings, I probably looked like I had just seen a ghost because the amount of information I learned just in those meetings, was out of this world!

As the summer progressed, I started learning all things BC. Including the controlled chaos in the BC warehouse. Syd and I spent many hours reorganizing, lifting heavy things, vacuuming rugs, and counting (and recounting) all our inventory. It was a great lesson to learn. I came into this internship thinking it was going to be florals and color palettes, when in reality, wedding planning is hard work, actually REALLY hard work. No one ever sees the labor and sweat Borrowed Charm planners put in to make their brides’ day run smoothly. It was also where I realized Borrowed Charm wants to make a difference. Working with Tenaciously Teal at their Carepacks & Cocktails Fundraiser was a highlight of the internship, where we assisted in raising money to empower and share love and support with cancer fighters.


                         Photo via: iPhone                                                                       Photo via at The Criterion

I think the most fun thing about being a BC intern is that you get to assist with weddings and events. You get to see what it’s like to set up a wedding, run a timeline, and what strike looks like after a wedding. You really get a 360 view of what it takes to be a wedding planner for Borrowed Charm. The amount of knowledge Borrowed Charm Planners have, the level of training Borrowed Charm requires, and the tedious details each person on the Borrowed Charm team cares about, becomes evident when you’re in charge of running an event with a room full of 300+ people.

Photo via: iPhone                  Photos via Madison Ifland Photography at Aspen Ranch

In my time with Borrowed Charm, I’ve assisted at 7 weddings and 1 Non-Profit event. Every special day was different, fun, exhausting, so much work, but also amazing! It was while assisting the Borrowed Charm planners at their events where I realized THIS IS IT, this is what I want to do! Standing with Logan in the back of the ceremony, we got to watch our couple celebrate their way back down the aisle, waiting because we are the first people to say congratulations and share in those special few moments as a married couple. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

                                All photos via: Bree Record Photography at the Springs Event Venue of Edmond

During my time at Borrowed Charm I have learned more about the event industry than I ever thought I could. More than that, I learned more about myself; from listening to Angie’s advice during our car rides or in the office, to watching Sydney and Logan plan the most incredible events, I learned from the BEST in the business. I wouldn’t trade my experiences at Borrowed Charm for the world.

Photos via: Maddie Banister Photography at the Olie Event Center

From weddings to real life, vendor meetings to venue meeting, monthly planning meetings to fun office parties, I watched the Borrowed Charm staff, really a family, work individually, but really demonstrate what it means to be a part of their team.

Photos via: iPhone

For all you lovely people who get the opportunity to intern at Borrowed Charm, come in with an open mind and soak it all in. Learn about the event business but also, open your mind and learn about yourself. Be prepared to grow and enjoy it, because this really will be the time of your life.

If you are in college and are looking to learn about the event world, wedding planning, specialty rentals, entrepreneurship, marketing, or business in general, Borrowed Charm is the perfect place for you! We are currently looking for summer interns. If you are interested in more information, (and a good time) email us at If you want to create a beautiful and seamless look for your wedding or event? Schedule an appointment today to see how we can help!

At Borrowed Charm we believe the phrase one size fits all should never apply when it comes to Weddings & Special Events. Through our passion for planning & design, we have created a completely unique and intentional approach of servicing our clients that allows us to deliver a personalized, stress-free & enjoyable wedding experience. We maintain a curated collection of unique furniture and décor to create emotional spaces for you and your guests to make lifelong memories in. Borrowed Charm is a team of exceptional woman. Professional celebrators at heart, we believe in transparency, our core values as a business and integrity, as well as having one helluva of a good time.