About Us


Borrowed Charm is a team of exceptional women & men, professional celebrators at heart, we prioritize transparency, our core values as a business, integrity, as well as having one HELLUVA good time. We are Design Forward Professional Celebrators. Borrowed Charm isn’t just a job for us, it’s a passion. With our eye for design, strong relationships, and carefully curated collection, we’ve celebrated, danced and cheered with hundreds of Weddings, Small Celebrations, Corporate Gatherings, and Non-Profit Events.
We like to party and we KNOW how to throw one. We’re not limited to timelines and checklists. Our designs and installations are created with our clients in mind, but also how to make your event memorable in your guests’ minds as well. We’re always creating the BIG picture, from the most fun dance floor to the smallest details. Your Event, Your Way, with the Borrowed Charm Spin.
Trust us, you need us. We are your teammate and trusted advisor. With our vast experience and Borrowed Charm’s continual investment in education, we’re always looking for unique ways to tell our clients’ stories and provide forward-thinking celebrations. From the perfect space to the perfect shot for Instagram, we’re not here to tell our story, we’re here to help our clients write THEIRS.

The Mover’s, The Shaker’s, The Memory Makers

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