Here at Borrowed Charm, we believe the phrase one size fits all should never apply when it comes to
Weddings and Special events. Through our passion for planning & design, we have created a completely unique and intentional approach of servicing our clients that allows us to deliver a personalized, stress- free & enjoyable planning experience.


Why customized planning?

Customized planning allows us to establish and prioritize what you value most for your big day without
the limitations of packaged planning. We offer levels of service that allow us the structure to create an
exquisite event, as well as the freedom for our combined imaginations to run wild while creating
something specific to your wishes.

What Does Customized Planning Entail?

Our initial consultation is a very detailed process that allows us to create a custom experience from the
beginning, our goal is to cover from inspiration to installation, so you never have to worry about paying
for something you don’t need. We consider every vendor and venues scope of service, so there is no
need to pay for something twice because it’s included in a package.
No Planner plans or orchestrates your day alone. Customized Planning allows us to scale and staff your
event based upon the size and scope necessary to implement a successful event. Our assistants ensure
nothing slips through the cracks and focus on meeting your guest’s needs with direction and assistance so
that your planner can focus on collaborating with your vendors and making sure your needs are met.

Who We Are?

Borrowed Charm is a team of exception woman. Professional celebrators at heart, we believe in
transparency, our core values as a business and integrity, as well as having a helluva good time.